Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chore Chart

I am a really terrible mom~I make my kids do chores!!  *gasp* 3, 5, and 6 year olds do chores..and you better believe they started years ago!!  No, I don't make them mop the floor of scrub the toilet, but they sure help out and they have their responsibilities!!  Here's a quick run-down of their "chores."

~Get dressed
~Brush teeth 
~Make Bed
~Clean room/playroom

The next five are rotated..five kids..five chores..five days!  Perfect!!!
~Set table/clear food (though each person is responsible for their items..this person helps me put away leftovers and put pots and pans in the sink)
~Wipe down tables, chairs, counters, after dinner
~Sweep after dinner
~Vacuum living room (the person that sweeps gets this one too..because all except Haylee hate sweeping and everyone loves to they get something fun with something not-so-fun)! :D  

They also help with extra chores on Saturdays..
~washing walls
~cleaning baseboards
~cleaning sink
~Wiping outside of toilet

We aren't slave-drivers (I promise!!!!) and don't make them do all those every Saturday.  They each just get asked to do one or two quick things to help us out.  

So~a year ago I did chore sticks for the Saturday worked for a while but then we got into that annoyance of "I didn't pick that chore" when asked to do something.  I got rid of them! :D

I'd been looking and looking for a chore chart I loved!  (seriously..check out my Pinterest..there's tons)!!! I'm not really a "reward person."  I don't feel my kids should be rewarded for doing something they SHOULD do anyway.  But~that's just one of my parenting philosophies! :D  A little while ago, one of my totally awesome sisters (thank you tons Delcie), posted a picture of the chore charts she made her boys!  I just loved it!!  (and the price tag makes it even better)!!!   

See~isn't that so cute!!!!  We sure think so!!  That board is a dry erase/magnetic board from Wal Mart ($2.50 each).  I grabbed five different colors.  Next I got those blue marbles from the Dollar Tree ($1 per bag).  I wanted the large ones. I searched and searched the internet for pictures I loved..and had to find a boy/girl version of each so my son didn't have to have the girlie ones!  :D  I was walking through Wal Mart when I saw a thing of Washi tape on the end cap.  I decided to grab one for each kid. (They were around $1.50-$2 for each).  You will also need magnets.  You can buy the bags of magnets and hot glue them on or you can buy a magnet sheet. I needed to make five boards so I opted for the bag of magnets.  That's it..that's all the materials.  Super cheap and really easy to make.  It's an awesome board that is sturdy and interchangeable so we can use it for as long as we want!!

The chore beads are also super easy!!  I printed the pictures I found (they were about an inch..and I printed two of the prayer and teeth brushing for morning and one for night).  I mod podged them on the flat side of the marble/bead (picture facing up) and I put some mod podge on the backside of the picture.  When that dries just hot glue a magnet onto the back of the picture..and Wah Lah~it dries and you are done!!!
They are turned out super cute and I really like them!  Anytime we feel a change-in-chore we can easily take these down and give them different ones!  Really great price and totally awesome!!!

Have a happy day~Kasey

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