Thursday, February 20, 2014

The absolute WORST thing about having so many little kids~

I hate being sick, really! But more than that, I hate seeing my kids sick (and dealing with some of the after effects from it)!  This has been my two weeks: Saturday, February 8th~early morning Taya woke up puking and a few hours later, her twin brother started.  UGH!  I can't stand throw up..really..not even in the slightest!!  After a couple times they were both done.  That night Gage got a bad fever and cough.  :( Sunday we woke up and I went to church to teach, feeling really terrible!  I had a nasty cough and felt really warm even though I didn't have a fever.  Breathing was labored, especially when talking.  About 5pm that night~I got the chills but I was really hot.  I didn't like the shaking and the trouble breathing so my son and I went to the ER to make sure we didn't have the flu...we didn't.  But they gave us a breathing treatment (which really leaves a nasty after taste) and some meds to help with the throat swelling and breathing.  

Monday I still feel like crap but Gage is feeling mostly better.  Then throughout the week~all four of the girls got it to one degree or the other.  So..that meant no sleep for me and it's taking me a lot longer to recover because I can't get enough sleep!  :(  

Then on Friday and Saturday, my husband got it..all seven of us in one week..and each day overlapping with people being sick!  No fun!!  Sunday we decided to play hooky and let everyone sleep in and hopefully kick it for good!  We went to the park and played in the afternoon~and a few hours later Taya was so out of it.  She was miserable!  Laying on the couch and not wanting to move. She didn't eat much of anything and her face was red and looked a bit swollen.  I thought she just had the nasty cold bug again.  Well, after two days of that I finally made an appointment to figure out what was going on..and the verdict~strep!  Ugh!!  She started the meds on Tuesday night and was able to go back to school today!  She was very happy to be back and seems like she is feeling better..she actually gets up off the couch now!!

Tuesday at bedtime I noticed Haylee's eyes were red and bloodshot.  I mentioned pink eye to my husband and she said, "Yeah Bridger had pink eye, but he wasn't at school with it!"  So..Wednesday I took her in and, yep, pink eye!  Then last night Peyton started with the red eyes too so we started them both on the drops and thankfully they can go back to school tomorrow!  

Man~I REALLY hope this is so done with!  We all took turns with a nasty stomach bug for almost three weeks in December.  It totally messed up all our Christmas plans and activities!  And now this!  I think we've all paid our dues!  I know, I know!  My kids are relatively healthy and things could be a lot worse!  But, after nearly four years of having all five of our kids, it's for sure that the way sicknesses fly through all of it is by far the worst thing about having all of these little babes of ours!!

Have a happy day~Kasey
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