Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ridculously-simple-but-totally-favorite kitchen tip!!!!

Oh I can't believe I haven't shared my little tip with you!  Probably because I figured a lot of people do this, but the other day my sister-in-law was over and saw me do it. She thought it was so cool.  So here you go!!!! 

We all have those mess-the-pan-up meals.  Every time I make lasagna or meatballs in sauce or anything else as messy and staining, I wash my pot and think, "hey, that cleaned easier than I thought (though I'll totally give that credit to my AMAZING pots!!!!!!!) See.. Looks totally clean right?!?!?  (and yeah..I know..gettin' some-uh-dos scratches..I know, I know! ;)  )
Then one day a year or so ago, I grabbed a toothpick and look what happens when you wipe it around the metal...
Not as clean as you think!! And that was just going around it the first time.  I usually have to do it two or three before it comes clean. Can you imagine all the nasty germs getting into the next batch of food you make in that pot?!?!  Ew!  Ick!! 
So, next time you get that pot totally clean..try this and get it ever cleaner!!!
Have a happy day~Kasey
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  1. You're welcome! I couldn't believe how much was left even after it looked so clean!