Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Give the gift of fun and yum!! 30 Days of Halloween~Day 3

I am super excited to share my Day 3 with you!!!!  Last year we heard a knock on our door, and it wasn't "You've Been Booed!"  It was a Ziploc bag full of mini cakes, candy, and icing, with a little instruction sheet.  It was a gift one of our neighbors handed out to the families with kids and seriously~it is the cutest idea ever!!!!  It was a fun night and the kids enjoyed making...and eating their cakes!
This was the best picture I got of the instructions. 
First thing first~frost those cakes!  We were given 3 mini cakes and two cupcakes. 
 Then we decorated those cakes.  Black licorice for the hair, eyebrows, and mouth.  Neccos and Smarties for the eyes, Smarties for the nostrils, and Dum-Dums for the screws...Aaaaaand Heeeeelllo Frankenstein!!!   
 For the cupcakes we used black licorice for the hair and whiskers, Candy Corn for the ears, eyes, and mouth.  Neccos were the nose, and the girls decided to use some Smarties as part of the mouth/nose as well.  Heeeeelloo Kitty Cat!! 
 I loved how they all had the same ingredients but their cakes looked different.  We really had fun and it was the best little neighbor gift ever!!!  Make some cakes, buy some icing and candy, and hand them out to your neighbors!  Super cute!!!

Have a happy day~Kasey

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