Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Witch Cupcakes for Day 11 of my 30 Days of Halloween

These cupcakes for Day 11 are seriously adorable! We did them a few years ago for our "You've Been Booed."  The kids had fun making, decorating, and giving out these
Witch Cupcakes!


~cake mix (and items to make it)
~ice cream cones (we used these colored ones for our family but used brown ones to give away)
~chocolate icing
~white icing
~food colorings
~chocolate chips for garnishing (two per cupcake)
~Mike N Ikes
~baggies for piping (or a piping bag and lid)

~bake cupcakes according to package directions
~while they are cooling, split the icing as follows: a couple spoonsful of white to keep it white, just a spoonful of white to make green, a spoonful of white to make it red, and the rest to be green.  When using food coloring always use just a drop at a time, then mix until you get the color you desire.  I used the neon food coloring to make the bright green of the face.
~Once the cupcakes are cooled, take the wrappers off and frost the top with the green.  Lay sideways.
~Take your chocolate chips and frost point with a bit of white frosting (or you could use the same as the face, but I liked mine to look like eyeballs in the white of the eye..) Push into frosted cupcake at top for eyes.
~Put red frosting in the piping bag or the corner of a Ziploc bag with the very corner cut off.  Make smiles at the bottom of the cupcake.
~Use the green Mike N Ikes for noses.
~I used the green frosting (also piping bag or Ziploc with corner cut) for warts on the witch's face.
~Put some chocolate icing in the bag and frost hair onto the top side of the (sideways) cupcake.
~Also frost edge of ice cream cone then dip in the sprinkles. Then put the cone on the hair.

There's your witch!!  Super cute and fun!!  They are great to be used for party treats, treats to give away, or just to give the kids the ingredients and let them decorate their own!

Have a happy day~Kasey

~You could also use pull-n-peel licorice for the mouth instead of the red frosting.
~Another substitute could be to get the small tubes of green/red frosting for the smile and warts instead of the colored frosting!
~Mini chocolate chips would be great too!

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