Friday, February 7, 2014

A moment of realization...(4-6-11)

I took all 5 kids to Wal-Mart yesterday. Nothing too new, I take them out alone at least once a week. But yesterday was a day of realization for me. After looking back on our grocery shopping trip, I noticed I am quite a bit more strict with the kids when I am alone with them in public rather than if my husband is with us or if we are at home. I don't do it on purpose! It just happens..because I get really self-conscious when I get stared at!

For example, we were in the cleaning aisle. The youngest was sitting in the front of the cart and the older 4 were dancing in the aisle. They weren't being loud and the aisle was very sparse of people. So I was letting them dance while I looked at Glade. The next thing I know I FEEL the eyes on me! The lady and the couple that were in the aisle were just giving me crusty looks! So I called the kids over and made them hold onto the cart.

What I SHOULD have done was LET them stare! The kids weren't doing anything wrong and I don't see how they were bothering anyone.

That is one of the biggest things I need to work on..letting people stare! I swear the looks are saying, "WHY on earth would you bring them ALL out??" and, "If you INSIST on bringing your kids out then you should KEEP them still and quiet 100% of the time!" I know I am super self-conscious when it comes to my parenting because I get unwanted advice, disapproving looks, and even people that try to CHANGE the rules my husband and I have established. These people are supposed to be the ones that are supporting us as parents but instead they disapprove with any choice we make! (sorry about the tangent) I just felt the need to explain why I am self-conscious about this.. :D

Anyone else have these experiences or another pet peeve that happens in public???

Have a happy day~Kasey

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  1. I didn't know you had another blog! I totally smiled at this post because we get this all the time. Frankly, I wish we could interview the parents of those people who are staring. I am pretty sure those people were kids once and would have been dancing right along with your kids if not "worse" behaviors. It is so hard to find the balance of appropriate parenting and public decorum. I only have 4 that I take around with me and find myself bowing to the stares more than I would like. Go you on recognizing the ridiculousness of the staring bystander.