Friday, February 7, 2014

ESP! (4-22-11)

We had our first "official" case of "twin ESP!"

The oldest twins were jumping back and forth from the younger twins beds. Well after a couple minutes she came and told me she had an "owie from the jumping in the bath!" (which they were pretending one bed was a bath and they were splashing while jumping!) I took a look at it and it's a pretty nasty scratch already starting to bruise. There was a little blood so I grabbed a wipe and set it on it for a minute. She was kicking and screaming. She kept yelling, "It hurts!" (even though she was doing that BEFORE I even started so I continued to hold it on for a minute.) He was laying on the floor in front of us and he turned over to his stomach and started CRYING! He was saying, "Mommy it hurts! It's owie!! Take it off Mom!" Then he put his head down and was still CRYING!

I took it off and they both calmed down. I set the wipe down and he rolled back over to his back. She picked up the wipe and set it back on her scratch. Almost instantly he started rubbing his leg in the same spot as her scratch!

I don't know if there really is a thing as "twin ESP" but from the honesty in his eyes I sure believe they had it today!

Have a happy day~Kasey

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  1. haha thats so funny I always wondered if those things were true! If it really happens. So interested in what the twins actually do :) I always wanted twins but then I have thought now maybe I don't lol :)