Friday, February 7, 2014

How can I use the scriptures to know my Heavenly Father?

I actually had expected the majority of the class to complete their homework assignment.  I had an entire lesson planned that I was excited to share with the kids!  Well, I had one!  So, as warned, we passed out new copies of the handout and went through it one-by-one!  I was very grateful for the young lady who completed her assignment so I let her go ahead with this week's planned lesson on her own.  

First~(and this worked well for last week's lesson and this week's planned lesson), we listed on the board things we KNEW about Heavenly Father.  The kids came up with a pretty short, but precise list.  Then she took her notebook and scriptures and looked up "God" in the Topical Guide.  Of course they say, "God, Love of" but she wrote in her notebook new things, and scripture references for, she learned about her Father in Heaven.  

Second~Look up "God" in the Bible Dictionary.  Have the students write down one thing they learned about God that really stood out to them.  Then use the scriptures and it's resources to find scriptures that support their newfound knowledge.  

Third~ You can select a chapter from the scriptures that demonstrate what they can learn about Heavenly Father.  1 Nephi 1 teaches about His glory and mercy.  Other suggested chapters: Isaiah 55, 2 Nephi 26, Mosiah 26, Mosiah 2, D&C 1.  Have them get in small groups and look up those scriptures and discuss among themselves what they learned about their Heavenly Father, then teach it to the class!

I also created this handout for the students.  I told them that each of these scriptures are Bible scriptures, but we can find supporting scriptures for each in the Book of Mormon.  

Have a happy day~Kasey

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