Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our Leprechaun trap!! (and some yummy treats you can do..super easy)!!

St. Patrick's Day is almost here!  Don't forget your trap!!! Okay..I know a lot of people don't go crazy with this holiday..especially not as crazy as I go!  But...I love here's what we started two years ago and will do again this year..trap the Leprechaun!!  

Right before bed, we set the trap...

The kids add a trail of Lucky Charms to lure him in..

And we wake up to this....little green feet....everywhere!!!!  He came..but wasn't caught!  He's too sneaky, little, and fast!!!

He went into the bathroom....

Ewww!! (the kids think this is hilarious)!! 

Then he went into the kitchen...

Into the fridge...
And drank our milk!!!  
 Then he went on the wall....
 Leaving them a yummy surprise!!!   
 The first year our leprechaun left these Licorice Rainbow treats!!  (a clear plastic cup, the short with the wide top works best, with some rolos on the bottom and the colored licorice on top like a rainbow...I just covered them with some saran wrap so it wouldn't dry out and get hard!) 

 Last year (I didn't get a close-up picture) but instead of the Licorice Rainbow, it was the Rainbow of Skittles!!! (a clear plastic cup..I used the taller, skinnier ones for these..with a layer of Rolos, then skittles separated into colors, a layer of red, then orange, yellow, green, and purple)!  Yummy! 
The kids have loved this new tradition and, though it's time consuming on my part, I really love seeing the joy on their faces!!  Even if you don't do the trap or the feet, these treats are super yummy and really easy!!

Have a happy day~Kasey

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