Sunday, April 13, 2014

"Find Out Who Your Friends Are"

There comes a point in each of our lives where we come to know who our real friends are, who is really there for us, really has our back no matter what, and always gives us the benefit of the doubt.  We usually presume that moment of realization to come from a major trial in our life.  It isn't!

I absolutely thought, until just recently, that that was the case.  When I was in fifth grade, I had a group..most of the kids in my grade..turn on me, leave me, laugh at, mock, tease me.  In that moment, there were three girls who didn't participate, and one who did but rapidly left the "game."  I knew then who I could count on.  I knew who was by my side, even if that meant they, too, would be made fun of or teased.  It was more important for them to make the right choice than the popular one.  Thank you!

A few years ago there began the hardest trial of my life, of anyone in my family's lives.  Many, many people immediately turned away from each of us.  Even though we weren't directly involved in the situation, we each lost multiple friends.  During that time, I received texts, calls, and emails from real friends.  Some asking questions, but most just offering a shoulder and beautiful words of strength and encouragement.  I realized then that I don't need the "others" in my life.  I know who to count on, who would give me the benefit of the doubt, who didn't even care about the situation, just cared about being a friend and showing love and support.  Thank you!

There's been a time in my life where I have been separated, by miles, from beautiful friends of mine.  I would think I found great friends around me then...but I was wrong.  There was one who, for some reason, didn't like me, didn't want me to have friends around me.  Why, I don't know.  I may never know.  But, this person would see me forming, what I thought to be, great, lasting friendships.  She would step in and get to know the person a bit, (which was fine..isn't there enough love and friendship to go around?!) then say things about me.  What, I don't exactly know.  Nearly all of these ladies would totally walk away from our "friendship."  I turned to Cory and voiced my concerns that something was wrong with me.  I had always felt one of my strengths was being a great friend (and others have come to me saying as much), but apparently I was wrong.  He tried to tell me there was no way because I am a fabulous friend (thanks dear) and even am, "too nice to a fault, even to those who don't deserve it!"  Then, one friend, one real, true friend, came to me and told me what happened, that, in fact, this lady spoke things about me.  I knew then, who would come to me, be honest with me, and be my friend despite the lies this person said.  Thank you!

A while back I posted this song by Tracy Lawrence on my facebook.  I still accompanied it with a huge trial, a huge way of finding out who our friends are. But in the last month I have totally's not the big things that show who our friends our.  It happens every single day, we just usually fail to see it. Yes, those major trials really weed out those false friends, but we don't need them to know.  It's really easy actually.

Who calls, texts, messages you to see how you are doing?

Who could you call in a moment of panic in need of help?

Who would come?

Who can you be totally comfortable with?

Who do you tell everything to?

Who sees your troubled side?

And who loves you anyway?

It's all right there in front of us.  We either have those people or we don't. And we know it!  We can see who is there for us and who isn't.  Who are you trying to be a friend to and who doesn't reciprocate?  Who cares for you daily?  We know.

I looked up that song again and listened, and he has it right.  

Who is there when we break our car down and need a ride?  

Who's there when we slip off the mountain high?

Who's there when it's raining in your world?

We know!

You know!

I know!  Thank you!!!

"This is what you really didn't know.
This is where the truth don't lie.

You find out who your friends are.
Somebody's gonna drop everything
Run out and crank up their car,
Hit the gas, get there fast,
Never stop to think,
"What's in it for me?"
Or, "It's way too far."
They just show on up 
With their big ole' heart.
You find out who your friends are....."

Have a happy day~Kasey

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