Monday, April 14, 2014

Minnie Mouse Birthday (again)!

I asked Alexis what she wanted for her party and immediately she said she wanted Minnie!  Really?!?!  I did one for her second birthday and I really, really don't want to repeat birthday themes for the same child/ren!  I had successfully talked her out of it (but really..of all the ideas we went through..she picked Daisy)!!  I started to feel bad that I had changed her mind for her, especially because I'm sure she doesn't remember the last Minnie party.  So..I let her pick..and she picked this again!  

The invitation! 

Here's the plates I put together.  I actually was going to do black ones but Gage talked me into the pink and I really like it!  :D  

 She really wanted a huge Minnie cake, but I talked her into cupcakes for the party and a cake on her birthday!  

 I put together a Minnie Mouse BINGO!

 Then played "Pin the Bow on Minnie!"

Alexis was hilarious!  She walked forward for a second then lifted up her mask, kinda nervous that she didn't know where to go.  
I put the mask back on her then tried again...
 And she went totally off course!!! 

 I said her name a couple times and she got back on and did great!  

 Haylee was all over the place too!!!

 Next, we went upstairs to sing!!!!  

 Present time!!! 

Everything she got was wonderful!  She loves them!!! 

Cupcake time!!!!!
 Happy Birthday my dearest baby girl!  I am so lucky to be your mom.  Thank you for choosing our family to be with! You have blessed my life eternally!  I love your laugh and your totally silly self!  You can always, always make me laugh and smile..even when I don't want to!  Thank you for being my friend, daughter, squishy!  I love you!!!
Have a happy day~Kasey
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