Monday, April 14, 2014

I love April Fools!!!

I love April Fools!!  I've gotten so many people on this day...even feeling guilty a few times about tricks I've played! (I'm sorry Aunt Jean)!!!! kids are finally old enough I can do things!!  Unfortunately I hadn't thought much about it until the night before.

In the morning, I had to go to the store.  We were on our way..and our car started shaking...then died!  I was on the side of the road and couldn't get it started.  Oh boy!  The kids were super worried about it and how long we would have to sit there. started!!!!!  I told them April Fools and explained it to them.  They laughed..Gage did this...
 While we were at the store, we had planned on getting a For Sale sign to put in the yard to tease Cory...but..I knew he wouldn't believe it because when that time comes, we know exactly who would sell our house...and it wouldn't be us in charge of it! :D  We planned something else for him though...

Mother Nature joined in on the April Fools jokes..April 1st..and Spring Break...thank you for this weather!! (with the following week being in the 70's all week).  The kids didn't let that stop them and they made the most of it..making Olafs! :D 

 Time to get Daddy!!!  We called him and told him our power was out and we'd be at a friends warming up because it was getting cold in our house...when I peeked him pulling in we hid in the closet..

 And scared the crude out of Daddy!!!!  He jumped and screamed!  I got a great video...but he refuses to allow it...and I am obliging this time because he was in his garments, unbeknownst to me! :D  I still watch it and laugh hysterically though!!

For dinner we had dessert first!! Cake..yuummmm! (Meatloaf with mashed potato "icing")

 Then dinner second!!  Grilled cheese sandwiches! (Angel food cake with orange tinted icing "cheese")

The kids played along the whole time at dinner! They are awesome!!! Can't wait to really get them next year!!!
Have a happy day~Kasey
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