Tuesday, May 13, 2014


For the past few years we've been having something we call, "Movie Night Extravaganza!"  I pick a movie and do treats and/or dinner, and sometimes decorations, that go along with the movie.  We've done a few, but this was our first this year!  We had taken the kids to see Frozen and they loved it. We all did!  They kept asking when it was coming out.  I actually told them the wrong date on purpose so I could pick it up and completely surprise them with this Movie Night Extravaganza!  They were surprised and SO excited when it came on!!!  

 Here's the fun treats I made!

A delicious drink, yummy cupcakes, and marshmallows dipped in blue chocolate!  YUMM!! 

 The night before I made these cups.  It's just a clear plastic cup.  I used white puff paint to draw the mountains and the swirls then added silver glitter to make it sparkle.  They dried overnight and were ready for use for the Extravaganza.  The cups themselves were a hit!  

 The drink is about half blue Hawaiian punch and half 7 Up.  I added a big dollop of vanilla ice cream to make it look like it was snow covered.  Some of the kids ended up not liking the 7 Up in it, so you could totally use straight Hawaiian punch! :D  
Here's my cupcake idea!  I had white cupcakes which I dyed blue.  I put white icing on, then topped it of with blue cotton candy!  (I did leave one without the cotton candy because Haylee doesn't eat it..if you notice the very first picture of the plate...) The others loved it.  I even ate one.  It was different, but I liked it, quite a bit actually.  I love cotton candy so it was a nice way to eat a little of it! :D  

The treats were yummy, the movie was great, and the company was fantastic!!!  

Have a happy day~Kasey

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