Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sweet Joyous for my sweet baby!!

I've been wanting to watch my nephew in a play for years now!  Well, with Alexis' birthday being on Easter this year and his play the same weekend, we were able to make it for a triple celebration!!  

My sister owns Sweet Joyous and she makes the best cupcakes ever!  My husband is not a cake/cupcake eater.  He doesn't care for it, but he eats hers, and eats and eats them any chance he gets!  Any flavor, any recipe, any test, he's ready to try it out for her!  She called me up to see about making Alexis some cupcakes.  I asked Alexis what she wanted and she said, "chocolate or caramel or root beer!"  I told my sister and let her creative mind work!  The result was amazing and delicious!!!!  

Chocolate cupcakes filled with soft gooey, caramelly deliciousness, topped with her chocolate icing with crunchy caramel candies~everything homemade and everything delicious on it's own, but complimented each other perfectly!!!!  

My favorite candy was this: a dancer for my little dancer!  

And my sister made this one especially for the birthday girl...

 These cupcakes were truly amazing and my little (not baby) baby loved them and was so excited for her cupcakes from Auntie Joy!  

 Thank you!!!!
 Please go check her out.  Her blog is Sweet Joyous and she has a facebook page where she puts all her holiday menus and you can see lots of mouth-watering pictures!!! Putting all bias aside, she makes delicious cupcakes and she is amazing and the best, happiest person to work with!!  

Have a happy day~Kasey

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