Friday, May 23, 2014

Follow the "Still Small Voice"

This was the PERFECT family home evening lesson!  We spent hours together as a family, got some fun exercise in, and felt the spirit as we learned about the Holy Ghost!  Nothing could have made it better!! (except for maybe less bees)!!! ;)  So..first thing's first, we packed full of water bottles and fruit for our snack time while we learned time.  Then we started out on a beautiful hike!!!  
 The intention was to stop at this pretty creek/pond that's on the trail in a perfectly shaded spot..but there were bees EVERYWHERE!!  So we hiked up a little higher and found a pretty clearing.  We passed out water and fruit so Daddy could start the lesson.  He talked about the Holy Ghost and how we are to listen to and feel him around us.  He spoke about how it's usually a small, quiet voice that we have to choose to listen to.  We had a fun activity to do among the trees, but we weren't able to stay there either.  Thanks bees!!  
 So we hiked back down to finish the lesson elsewhere.  (Had to throw this one in of the fam)!!   
 We have zero trees in our yard :( so we went to Cory's brother's house to use their big ole' trees!  He reminded the kids about the quiet voice they were to listen to in times of need or question.  Cory set up a rope between two trees (the iron rod) while I blindfolded them.  Then he explained that there would be the voice of the Holy Ghost, quiet and small, for them to listen to that will help keep them on the straight path. (me) He also said there would be a loud, commanding voice (him) attempting to distract them and trick them like Satan does.  
 They walked like this to the "iron rod." He explained that this is an example of how we can help one another hold to the rod and make it back to our Father in Heaven.
 I didn't get any pictures of them actually holding the rod, I was busy whispering, "come this way, follow my voice, I will help you," etc.  Cory was busy walking all over the yard yelling, "here I am!  Listen to me!  Follow my voice" and even tricking them, "If you come to me I will give you $5, or a new bike," etc.  Out of five kids we had two never wonder off, two that wondered off for just a split second but grabbed back to the rod and continued to follow, and one that went all over the yard following "Satan's voice" as he tempted her.  Before any of us reached the tree though, she had begun listening to that still small voice and to her brother who, somehow, knew she wasn't right behind him anymore.  She grabbed a hold of that "rod" and made it to the tree with the rest of us!  

By doing so, we were able to incorporate the Atonement and the process of repentance.  We explained that there will be times in our lives where we make the wrong choice and are tempted with the tricks of Satan, but that doesn't mean we are out of luck.  We are able to use the love of those around us and the voice of the Holy Ghost, to choose to come back to the rod and hold strong.  We have the atonement because we will make mistakes.  Everyone does.  That's part of life but that's also part of the plan which is why our loving Heavenly Father created a path, using the willingness of our brother Jesus Christ, in which we can come back to him and be with our family forever!   

Like I said before, this was seriously the perfect lesson!  Outdoors, exercise, family, feeling the Spirit, and knowing the kids learned something because they still, over two months later, talk about this lesson!  

Have a happy day~Kasey

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