Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Never here "are we there yet" again!!!

We had quite the road trip a few weeks ago!  We drove from Ogden to Meridian, Idaho on a Saturday then from there to Disneyland the very next day!  (plus we drove from there to Sacramento, then from there back to Ogden)!  I made a lot of things for the trip so the kids wouldn't fight or get bored or watch too many movies.  This was by far the best thing on the whole trip!!!!

I found this countdown on the Dating Divas page (who I just LOOOOVE by the way.  If you haven't checked them out, totally do!  They have brilliant ideas and I'm always finding fun things on their website).  It was truly wonderful!  Not once on any of the drives did we hear the kids ask, "are we there yet?" or "how much longer?"  They knew how many stops we had and that the last paper was our final destination!  It worked so well!  

I planned the trip so that we stopped every 130-160 miles (about every two hours).  We topped the tank off and got everyone out to potty.  (which, we never had to make any extra stops for potty time either..every two hours was perfect and it helped not stopping whenever one child had to go. With a family of seven this was truly amazing)!!  After we got back in the car the kids took turns taking off a paper, then we got back on our way! I made sure it was the last thing we did at the stop so the kids realized we were in there for another two hours until the next paper! Truly awesome!!  
Plan your trip then click here to go to the Dating Divas website and print off however many you need. They have other fun printables on that page too. We didn't use the toppers or the license plate game, but my husband and I did do the questionare on our drive home.  That was a lot of fun too!  

Enjoy!  (and thank you Dating Divas for saving my sanity on this trip)!! :D  Have a happy day~Kasey

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