Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blog-tember challenge What makes me happy??

"Sept 2nd: Write about what makes you happy, from the little joys to the huge game-changers."

Instead of really writing about the things that make me happy, I decided to do a list..because, frankly, this would be the longest post in the history of blogging because I sometimes over-explain things!! :D  So here are my happiness items, in no particular order! ;)

~Books (so many different kinds~I love reading)!
~Learning more about the gospel (want to know more?  Mormon.org)
~Kissing my husband
~Flowers (from my husband, parents, kids..from anyone who cares)!
~Good, honest, heartfelt conversation
~The fresh-and-clean-straight-from-the-bath baby
~Friends (I thrive on being social..)
~Holidays (ALL holidays..and really, I mean ALL..I have a love for the under-the-box ones)!
~Sports (baseball, volleyball, basketball, football..do I need to keep going?!?!)
~Sweet kisses from my babes
~Laughter (especially hearing it when my kids are playing with Daddy)
~A clean house
~Serving others
~Romantic comedies
~Planning parties and events
~Those days when I get to get read, 100%
~Learning something new
~The beach!!!!!! 
~Waking up with no dishes in the sink
~My Jack-Boy (or Jack or Jack-Jack or Jackie-boy a.k.a..our dog!)
~Crossing things off my lists
~Talking w/ my sisters (whether it's 5 minutes, though I don't think that's ever happened, to 3 hours)!!
~Seeing baby pictures or videos of my kids
~Watching my kids learn something new~that moment of "the click" is priceless
~Music (and really..like books..ALLLL kinds..classical, R&B, classic rock, country, punk, it goes on)
~Chatting with my parents
~Reality TV and mystery shows
~That feeling of doing some good in the world, feeling accomplished..
~Memories of college
~Letters from my brother
~Watching my husband do something fun, sweet, and spontaneous with the kids
~Making a new recipe the whole family loves
~Crawling into a made bed
~Hearing and saying, "I love you!"
~No laundry in the laundry room
~A good night's sleep
~The smell of "clean"
~Simple notes of love and thanks
~General Conference
~Watching my kids dance or play sports
~A fun day as a family
~That perfect shade of baby blue (really..there is one shade that is my favorite!!)
~Family vacations
~My youngest sleeping all night without waking up even once!!
~Buying new clothes and shoes for the kids
~Big, beautiful, perfect snowflakes
~A weekend away with my husby
~Brand new office/school supplies
~Seeing my husband magnify his Priesthood duties
~The totally-funny-spontaneous-but-perfect-in-the-moment things my kids say
~Hearing my kids talk about school after I pick them up each day

I'm sure I could go on and on and on!  But I will spare you! It was actually a nice reminder that even though there are things that aid me in my unhappiness~there is still PLENTY that I have to be thankful for, for the happiness it brings to me each day!! 

Have a happy day~Kasey

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  1. I love this list! I share many of your joys!

    1. Thank you! I love finding new things to make me smile, even if for just a second!

  2. It's sweet that you can come up with such a long list of joys! I love acting, too! :)