Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Blog-tember Challenge What do I want to be???

"Sept 3rd: 'When I grow up I want to be....' Feel free to answer as your 5-year-old self or as of now."
There are those people who have no clue what they want to do.  Then there are those who have always known what they want to do.  Then, there's me!  I want to do a million and one things! :D 

Okay..I haven't always.  Growing up there were two things I loved~acting and investigating!  I always thought being the star on a cop show (liiike..Benson on Law & Order SVU ;)  ) would be the best of both worlds!  I even had the major of sociology (criminology emphasis) and a double of theater.  Say what?!?! Who puts those together?!?!  Anyway~I'm married with 5 kids and my dreams of being an iconic movie star..not happening..Aaaaand my husband is kinda nervous about the idea of me doing the whole F.B.I. thing so I kinda put it on the backburner because it causes anxiety in him.

Figuring out a new thing has not been all!!!  Here's some of the things that go through my mind..
I would be an AWESOME lawyer!  Really really would love it!  My biggest hold-up is the fact that I am slightly a perfectionist and when (because all lawyers lose at some point) I lose a case, it would eat me up inside and I'd continue to look over it trying to see what I could have done differently.  The possibility of reacting that way scares me!
Yep~would TOTALLY want to be an actress still!  :D  (and being a drama teacher crossed my mind but I would want the opportunity to have lots of different kids in my class and be able to help
So that's where the history teacher came in!  A high school history teacher would be AWESOME!!  I could have lots of kids go through my class and it's a class you can make lots of fun.  Plus! I LOVE history!!  (My history teacher in high school did lots of fun things, like a 50's dance contest and a huge section on one of my faves~Abraham Lincoln)! 
If I were to do the teaching route~I would continue my education to become a high school principal.  I think that would just be awesome!  I want the opportunity to deal with and help as many students as I could!
Ohhh high school and college the dream of being a majorly famous dancer was something that crossed my mind!  I LOOOOVE to dance but urban dance is my FAVE!!!  I still throw around the idea of teaching it to others though!
My husband wants me to be happy so he told me to keep that option open..I would LOVE to!
I often throw around the idea of being a psychologist.  If you haven't been able to notice..I want to help people!!!  I love to give advice!  :D  My only hangup~see the lawyer note!! :D 
 And this one~this is the one that crosses my mind~LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!  A criminology professor~YES PLEASE!!!!!  (and you should totally go check out the story about the professor in the picture~what an awesome dude!!!  Here it is! )

Soo..there's my dreams of a a nutshell..kinda! :D 

Have a happy day~Kasey

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