Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blog-tember~Fashions and Distractions!!

Sept 4th: Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over!

I wish I was a fashion guru~well, I actually feel I know styling quite well~I just can't afford to do all the fun, perfect, totally awesome clothing I know and love!  So, I am often seen in pants and tees though I do love dresses and skirts. (and winter clothing~an ABSOLUTE favorite..I love sweaters, knits, jackets, and on and on..and on and on! :D  )

We usually get the bad news before the good~so...

Fashion DON'Ts..

The jeans with holes~WHAT?  I know you are saying "what" but you either mean, "What the crude are those?" or "WHAT? You don't love those?"  These have been "in" for a while now and many people love these (and I'll admit, I've seen one or two that AREN'T QUITE so bad...but they usually aren't full-on holes..just a tiny bit of distress to them).  But I've just never "got" it.  Didn't we used to get these patched as a kid?  Aren't these the clothes we throw away or use for rags or denim quilts?  AAAAND~why would you pay SOOOO much money for half a pant????  Nope~sorry, I just don't understand them!!

This picture also shows another complete disaster~the pocket hangs OUT of the pant  (or short)!  I can't ever find something good or cute about that.  Why would you want your pocket to hang out?  I don't like it~nope, not one bit!!!

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Here's the kicker~sneaker wedges!!!  Let me get it out there~I LOOOVE funky, bright, crazy shoes.  Really, I do!  (and I love that I can get one of my four girls to wear the funky~awesome shoes)  But not these.  These are just not okay!  Dress shoes?  Heels?  Tennis shoes?  Pick one!!

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Now for the fun stuff~Fashion "Yes Please!!!"

I am really into the Pea Coat.  I like the classic (especially in white!!), the hooded, the funky, and the mens!  I think they are cute and comfy and add that perfect touch of style!  BUT~I must add~I like the fitted!!
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I am a bit obsessed with the oversized knit sweaters!  So cute~So comfy~So chic~So classic!  I don't think that will ever be out of style~just~too~fabulous!!!!
I really love rompers on the girls.  They love them too.  What a simple, cute outfit for a day out!
Ohh~and see~I love the oversized sweaters on the little girls too! 

(I also LOVE~bright, funky shoes, coats, and hats..yep..a total hat-wearer here)!!
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Have a happy day~Kasey
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  1. I feel ya on the wedge/sneaker things--why?! I am ready to wear a chunky sweater on cold days too!!

  2. haha Ohhh those sneakers... Whaaa??!!
    So excited for sweater/cute jacket season!