Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blogtember~ESTJ? INFP?

"Sept 9th: Let's talk personality types. Introverted? Extroverted? Unsure-troverted?"
Do YOU know your type??????  Has it always been the same?  We took one of these in high school and also in some of my college courses.  I took this Personality Test to see if mine was the same.  Here are my results...
Extravert(67%)  iNtuitive(62%)  Feeling(12%)  Judging(56%)
  • You have distinct preference of Extraversion over Introversion (67%)
  • You have distinct preference of Intuition over Sensing (62%)
  • You have slight preference of Feeling over Thinking (12%)
  • You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (56%)

Sooo..yep.  Mine was the same, ENFJ on all the tests I've ever taken.  My percentages were different but the same exact type!!!

When I was in high school and college I LIVED for social interaction!  Seriously!  And to be honest, I still do.  I thrive on being that social butterfly always planning things and surrounded by LOTS of great friends!  BUT~I just don't have that convenience anymore.  I would love to, but my priorities have changed.  I love people but I definitely need to have my "me time" to unwind! 

I was surprised to see such a differentiation between Intuition versus Sensing!  I like to live in the now, but I still see many possibilities!  (seriously..have you seen my "what I want to be when I grow up post?!?! ) I am detail-oriented but I am very imaginative.  I like theories and facts.  I remember words but also symbols and pictures.  I learn quickly but even faster if it's hands-on! 

Feeling versus thinking~I am not surprised by my only having 12% feeling over thinking.  I am very logical and I make lists and lists of things but also before making decisions, major ones!  Pros and cons, needs versus wants, always something I can actually see but I also use my gut reaction and feelings about things.  I am rational and thought-provoked, but I also am very compassionate with others and empathetic to their needs without them even telling me! 

I am very much a perceiving person~I'm care free, relaxed, adaptable, spontaneous, and open-minded.  But I am a little more of a judger~I finish tasks, I can be decisive when necessary, I like organization and structure (but I am relaxed enough to enjoy the "in-the-moment" moments!), I enjoy having a schedule and make lots of plans! I am quick and responsible. 

It was fun to see this test again...I'll have to take it again in 10 years (my kids will be 14, 15, and 16..yikes!!!!) and see if my results are the same....

And don't forget to head on over to Brave Love for the Blogtember challenge!!!  Check it out~check out the other amazing ladies participating~and join in yourself!!

Have a happy day~Kasey

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