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Blog tember Challenge~Our first "big" family vacation!

Oh how I've really missed my Blog tember posts!!!  I've enjoyed the challenges of some of the writings and I've missed reading them from all the other awesome bloggers that are participating!  I am excited to get back in it (and even though the point was to post a day..I'm going to go back and do the ones I missed..because..well..some of them I wanted to share on..and others..I didn't..which means I need to step out and do it)!! 

"Sept 18th: Tell a tale of traveling, a city or country you've been to or a favorite vacation."

I have SO many countries and American cities on my traveling bucket list.  I was even planning to attend a semester abroad while in college....then I met my man and got married!  We didn't get a chance to travel much because of how quickly our kids joined our family!  So..even though I wanted to visit most of these places before I was 30, it isn't happening!  SO I will share with you our first major family vacation!  Now, we have done something every summer, and for our "family anniversary" but those have been little weekend "stay-cations" in the surrounding cities.  This was our first BIG one..and it was a SURPRISE for the kids!!!! 

Even though we tried to plan in husband is just NOT a planner and always wanted to put it off.  But eventually, after the plan changes and the hotels we wanted being booked we finally set it all in motion.  We reserved the hotel and bought the tickets.  No going back now!!!  We had a LOT of fun planning this and keeping it from the kids!!!  We actually needed to come up with a story for the kids though since we were going to Boise for a night then getting back in the car...and NOT going home!  So..they knew we were going to California to spend time on the beach.  That's what we told them and they were excited about it. 

The next morning we woke up the kids still had no we had them close their eyes, and laid their surprises on their laps.  (We got each of them a character beach towel and sunglasses) Then we told them that, yes we were here to go to the beach, but we were here for something else too.  We had them open their eyes and guess. Taya immediately knew and yelled, "DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I could tell this story in detail from the moment we woke up to the moment we went to sleep every single day.  But I'll spare you my journal and let the pictures speak for themselves!!!  But don't worry, I won't overload with pics either..just some of our favorites! :D

Sunglasses, awesome shirts my sister made and totally surprised us with, and FIRST TIME badges!!
 We loved the "Buzz ride!"
 Haylee girl meeting her MOST FAVORITE!!
 Storybook Village was a cute ride!
 Gotta get the castle in there!!
 And of course Cars Land~which we loved!!!
 The "Mater ride"~TOTALLY AWESOME!!!  A huge family favorite!!!
This handsome boy "meeting" his favorite!!
 Can't forget Cory getting pulled out to dance with this lady while she sang.  So fun!!
 On our way out we happened to walk by just as they were going to start Playhouse Disney.  No line, right in, totally awesome for the kiddos!
The Arial ride was a favorite too.  Super cute!
 We all loved the Toy Story ride.  Lots and lots of fun!!! 
 This little babe got to meet her favorite in the whole world too!!!!!
 We had a night where we split up.  The boys went and did all the scary rides and coasters while we met Pluto and rode some of our favorite, more calm rides! :D 
 And of course Small World..who doesn't love Small World?!?!!
 After three days at the "Happiest place on Earth" we went to the beach!  ( lies..we totally did go to California to spend time at the beach!! :D )
Seriously the ONLY picture with all of the kids and daddy in there at the same time!!! 
This girl couldn't get enough.  She was in it all day long!!!
 After, sadly only one day and the kids begging for more beach, we headed to visit cousins and family.  Super fun!! 
 And we were lucky enough to get to meet...and ride..the horses!!! 
 SUCH a fabulously fun and family filled vacation!!  We all had a blast and can't wait for our adventure next summer~Florida here we come!!!!!

Have a happy day~Kasey

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