Thursday, September 18, 2014

Daily dose~Thursdays are just way too crazy..but kindness can be all around!

Thursdays are killer for me! Seriously!  Once school is out, it's nonstop all night! 

3:00-Kids out of school.
3:20-home from school, change clothes, have 5 kids go potty, get water bottles and shin guards.
4:00-leave for practice.
4:15-5:30 Soccer practice for Gage (at field A)
5:00-5:30-Soccer practice for Taya (at field B)
5:30-6-Soccer practice for Alexis (at field C)
6:40-leave for school
7-10-school. it doesn't look like a lot (and my Saturday mornings are even worse) but's tough!  Taya has to only be at practice for 20 minutes, Gage has to leave 5 minutes early, and Alexis is 5 minutes late.  Then I have to load everyone up and get home in time to gather the things I need for my classes.  It's not the worst, I know, but it frazzles me! 

I am trying to make this a lifestyle blog.  A little bit of everything.  So I'm trying to take more pictures of just daily life so I can be open and honest and share it. we...

Took the Bantu knots out of this girl's hair and met Wild Woman..or Curly Sue..or, as the other kids called her all day long, "Shirley Temple!"
I got to talk to my beautiful sister for a while.  That ALWAYS brings me up!  However~for the last, at least 20 minutes, of our convo, I was looking for the dang DVD remote so Alexis could watch a movie.  We looked everywhere!!!  Well..what do you know~the very second I hang up the phone I found it!
 I sent that picture to my sister, which was followed by funny pictures back and forth, probably one of our favorite things to do.  So this is what I sent her... 
 I LOVE getting mail!!!  Thanks Sissy!! 
 Poor Taya was having a hard day.  She swears nobody was mean at school, and that she was just worn out and tired.  But I tell you, she sure looked sad.  I pray it's just the "long day blues!"

Then the rush of the evening...and guess what~through that rush, I was able to sit down for a few minutes and read my scriptures!  I wasn't really in the mood for it but it was what I needed!  Yeah for soccer and scriptures!!!
While I am in class, I am blessed enough that our dear sister-in-law is willing to come watch the kids on Thursday nights.  The kids were a little moody today and it was a long night, but I knew I needed to do things when I got home.  Well guess what~she did all my dishes for me!!!  It was such a simple act, but it really meant a lot to me!  I love when people just have kind hearts and do things to show love for others!
Have a happy day~Kasey
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