Friday, September 19, 2014

Blogtember Challenge~My advice to every person in the whole world....

Sept 19th: If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?
I really could think of quite a few things to say to this.  I could go on and on about each one too, I'm sure!  But throughout my life, I've seemed to believe in six words, and I believe that every single person in the world should follow them!
Say what?  How does that work?  Is that possible?  YES!!  Granted I am only 29 and (hopefully) still have a lot of years ahead of me.  But, if I don't have any regrets from the last nearly 30 years, I won't in the next 30, or the 30 after that! 
Does this mean I enjoy or agree with every choice I've ever made?  Not~even~in~the~slightest!
I dated people who hurt me, badly, deeply at the time.
I stood by friends who really were "friends."
I got mediocre grades when I should have had straight A's.
I gave up on opportunities in my life because I was worried about other people.
I made poor choices in regards to my actions.
I kissed a boy I shouldn't have.
I spent too much time focusing on other things, rather than my college education.
I was way too nice to someone who didn't deserve it.
The list could be go on.  I have many things I am not proud of or that really hurt my feel-goods.  Many.  But I wouldn't go back and change them.  Nope, not really. 
Well..except one..maybe..
One of the most important people in my life passed away, by his own accord.  A good friend of mine, a mutual friend, called me to give me the news and inform me of the funeral.  I didn't answer.  This girl has been a best friend of mine since we were in 5th grade.  I knew if I was going to answer her phone call that I needed to have a while to chat.  I had four kids under 15 months.  I didn't have the time.  I told myself I'd call her later.  I forgot.  Three weeks passed and I finally called her back.  She broke the news.  I was devastated!  Heck, I am STILL devastated!  I missed his funeral because I didn't pick up the phone!  WHAT?!?!  Not okay!  I sit here and tell you, If I could go back, I would attend his funeral.  I would be there to show love and support this this amazing human being!  But, I can't, and I wasn't.  But guess what~I don't regret that because I learned something from it.  I answer phone calls and I return phone calls.  When I feel so inspired to call or check on someone, by phone, text, email, letter, visit, whatever, I do it.  I may have missed the opportunity for some closure by going to his funeral.  But by doing so, I may have helped someone when they needed it because of what I learned because of this experience. 

 There are other things we can regret other than the bad moments in life. 

Don't miss out on those simple, sweet, loving moments in life because we are too busy. The good we should have done, but didn't. The heartbreaking things we went through, whether by our own choice or the choices of others.  Whichever it is~no regrets.
I've always believed that "everything happens for a reason" and I still believe it. 
 (and just for extra~I'll give you, what I consider to be the most important piece of advice I've ever directly received.  "Put God first.  Then your studies.  Then your social life.  If you do that, everything will fall into place!")

 Have a happy day~Kasey

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