Friday, September 19, 2014

Daily dose~Don't forget to take part in the simple things of life~oh..and you ARE a good parent!!

Today was a day to enjoy the simple things. I'm trying really hard to do that each day.  Sitting back each night and looking at the pictures I've taken throughout the day have really helped!  Here's a little about my day..

I took the older four to school and I stayed because the older two were helping with Mega Crew this morning.
Right after that ended I had to take Alexis to school. This child of  mine tests my patience..constantly!!!!  But man I love her and wouldn't have my life without her! 
 "Look mom!  I did a twist bun!"  This little almost 6 year old was so excited!!! 
 Just chillin' at the salon while Peyton gets a haircut.   
 Ta-Da!!!  (waaaay too short in the front...)
 (and not quite short enough in the back...and I guess this is someone's idea of "drastic A-line!")  Peyton still loves it though and she really can pull of short hair..and as I always say..."it always grows back!"
 Had to get in a little school..
 After this, I took all the kids to the store with me. We had to get some birthday presents for friends' parties tomorrow, plus Haylee is to bring treats for her soccer game (and, well, I haven't been grocery shopping, so we needed dinner too)!!  I really was dreading doing this and even put it off as long as possible!  But, they were really great in the store! We got what we needed and we had fun while they behaved.  Yeah for success!!  Just as we were about done, this sweetest lady approached me.  She said, "I just want to tell you that you are such a good mom!"  Of course I'm in shock, especially when I've been feeling like a chicken with my head cut off today!  I thanked her and she continued, "You just are so sweet.  Everyone gets a choice and you took a vote, and you talk to them and explain things to them.  They are good kids and you are doing a great job!"  I thanked her and told her I really appreciated it because most days I feel too flustered to notice so it's nice to be reminded.  This isn't the first time this has happened, and each time it has, I've been really questioning my mothering skills.  It's one of those tender mercies that lets me know that He is aware and He cares!  (and the voting and choice thing she was talking about..the kids were asking for two kinds of cereal. We voted.  It was two to two.  Alexis was the tie breaker so she voted and made the choice.  And also Haylee and I were discussing drinks for after the game tomorrow).

After we got home and ate dinner we were able to visit with some sweet friends of ours.  Apparently I needed a good reminder today because Maureen says to me, "You guys are such fabulous parents!"  I told her thanks and how I don't feel that way most of the time.  She said all moms feel that way!  But she added, "look at them!  They couldn't be the way the are, the kids they are without good parents!"  Boy did I need that!!

Now it's movie time!!  I put the movie on and sat down to work (see the computer in the background).  Last Friday I missed our Family Fun Friday Night Movie because I was working instead.  That was my intention this time so that I didn't need to stay up late to get it done.  I figured I would work while they watched then we could all go to bed.  I said, "man I wish I could watch the movie with you guys!"  And Gage simply said, "so do it!"  Well, I did.  I got up from the computer and snuggled them on the couch while we watched.  And boy am I glad I did!! 
 I got to lounge in my cute Christmas pjams from Taya, while chillin' with Haylee! 
 Alexis insisted on taking a picture of me and Guppy! (don't you like her pjams?!?)
 I have learned through the years that no matter the age of your kids~listen to them!  They often live the simple life and say simple things, but more often than not, those simple things in life are what we need to be reminded of.  Gage, especially, has done this for me a lot.  He will just say things, the truth, and it's what I need to hear.  I am grateful he says what he feels, and my girls also, as they have done it a few times.  They are great~be like unto a little child! 

I couldn't resist taking this picture of Taya. She went right to her room and 10 seconds later was asleep like this...
 Our lives get crazy~no doubt!  Try to step back and remember that you are doing good.  Your kids are making good choices and really happy~they are because of you!  It's hard to remember in those moments of craziness, but it's the truth!  I'm so grateful I was reminded of that today! 

Have a happy day~Kasey

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