Saturday, September 20, 2014

Double time~Daily dose and Blogtember Challenge

Waaaayy too much to do today!  We went to Alexis' soccer game at 8:30.  Then at 8:45 I took Taya to her soccer game from 9-10. After that we all went home for a few minutes..then I took Gage to his game from 11-12 (which I had to fill-in for the coach..even though I've never played a day of soccer)!!  Cory dropped Taya off at a party from 11-1 then he took Haylee to her game from 11:30-12:15.  Right after Gage's game I dropped him off at his party.  Then Alexis had a party from 2-4 and after we went to the Harvest Moon Festival.  Oh wow!!!  Saturdays are usually busier because Haylee and Alexis have dance from 9-10, Taya from 10-11, and Gage from 11-12 but they didn't go today because the games were too in the way...last week they did..boy oh boy!! 
I am SO proud of this kid!  He and Taya got the birthday party invitation a week ago and they have been excited ever since!  On Thursday I told him the times were overlapping for the party and his game.  I asked him to decide what he wanted to do.  He was sad, but he said he would go to his game because his team was counting on him..even though he wanted to go to the party!  What a guy!  I love him and am proud!!
 Off to her party!!!  She was SOOOO excited!! didn't last long.  She was too scared to go by herself..even though she plays with these neighbor friends all the time!
 So I went with her...Check out this adorable pirate girl!!!
 All her loot!
 Afterwards we were headed to the fun..but we got caught up in some fun at home!!!
 And as they were taking pictures of us playing they took some pics of themselves.... 
 Daddy caught Alexis playing tools! 
 Tried to get Daddy in on the fun...
 Taya wanted me to take a picture of her trick! ;)
 Harvest Moon Festival... was actually a huge bust!  We were on our way out when Alexis begged us to sit and listen to the music for "just a minute!"  The other kids didn't want to but we did anyway..and stayed for hours!  They ended up loving the music and it was so much fun!! 

Music lifts my soul!
 The Patrick Briggs Band from SLC was so awesome!!! 
 Sunset over Union Station!
 Daddy wanted to grab a bite to eat.. afterwards they were being so goofy! Here's Peyton trying to limbo under the table!
 Gage photo bombed the picture! 
 My heart and soul!
 After taking that picture Haylee was standing like this..not sure why but it was too cute not to take a picture of..and Gage jumped in too!
 Better watch my back with these four!!! 
We LOVE Casper at our house.  We have TONS of VHS tapes and used to have a VCR..but it crapped out on we have missed our movies!  I found Casper on DVD for only $4 so I grabbed it up and we watched it!  Yeah!!!!!

 Aaaannd...a late night trip to the worst place on earth so I don't have to go to the store on
Sunday! :(

 We had a family sleepover/campout in the living room!  I love these nights!!! (and I love that they are all curled up in our big t-shirts)!!
 Life gets oh-so busy.  Some days it's non-stop go, like our Thursdays and Saturdays.  Some days it's the mundane every-day stuff that just needs to get done.  Either's busy!!!  My challenge to myself has been to get through the business of life but not to forget to laugh while doing so. 
I still want to enjoy life..not just endure it! 

Have a happy day~Kasey

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