Monday, October 6, 2014

30 Days of Halloween~Homemade Toy Story costumes for the family!

I am obsessed with family costumes!  It's quite the topic of conversation every year between my husby and I.  He says they should get to pick what they want every year and be whatever.  I always want a fun family theme.  Last year~I finally won and the kids were SO on board with it!!!  WAHOO!!!!  Can you figure out the theme????
(I borrowed Mrs. Potato Head from a friend but her mom sewed the entire thing so it can be made!! 

I did my husband's Mr. Potato Head costume.  I found the brown thing at the DI (local thrift store, Deseret Industries) and it was originally an indian costume.  I cut all the fringe off first.  Then I used paper plates, construction paper, and tape for all the parts.  Super silly but it really worked well and fit the homemade theme!)
We have Barbie... (her shirt and her pants were found at the DI for just $1 and $2.  The belt and shoes we had.)
Jesse... (I got the blouse and the vest at the DI for $3 each.  The jeans and hat we had and the boots are from my son's Woody costume the year before.)
Bonnie... (We got the jumper and shirt from the DI for $2 and $3.  The skirt and shoes we had.)
 Buzz... (we found this way-too-small-costume at the DI for $4.  The wings we borrowed from a friend and the boots are his snow boots.)
 And Little Bo Peep... (we got her dress from the DI for $2 and borrowed the hook.  She owned the hat, sheep, and shoes.)
 Super cute~easily made costumes.  (I have to say my personal fave was Bonnie..perfection)!!!
 They obviously don't look identical to the movie but they were homemade costumes and you can do them too!  Check out your local thrift stores, raid your closets, and you can find things that will work perfectly!  We got TONS of compliments and it was a lot of fun to be all together! What will this year bring?!?! 

Have a happy day~Kasey

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