Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tinkerbell's Pixie Hollow Games birthday party!

I absolutely loved this Tinkerbell party!  It was absolutely my favorite party we've done yet!
I wanted to make it into a Pixie Hollow Games type party (and really, I had not a single clue that that was actually a movie.  We've seen all the others, but not that one.  I didn't know until I was searching the internet for pictures)!

First thing's first~these super cute (yep..I'm proud of them) invitations!
 Welcome sign!!
 The tally chart
Prizes for the participants! (the most points picked first, and on.  There were extra prizes so even those that picked later got a good choice)
Tinkerbell's Lost Things Scavenger Hunt
I found silly, random things and hid them in the living room.  Everything was in sight and nobody had to move or open anything to see them.  They put an "X" or circled the items they found.  Points given for this game were the number of items they found.
 Fawn's Mooosical Animals~I printed off animals and laid them on the floor.  We played "musical chairs" with the animal spaces.  Once the music stopped they had to run to an animal and make the animal sound.  Points were given 1-12, 1 for the first person out, 12 for the last person out.)
Iridessa's Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling!
 Water bottles filled with glow sticks.  Bowl away!  I counted the number of bottles they knocked over and that is the number of points they got!
 Zarina's Pin-the-Pirate Boat-on-the-Treasure Map
My homemade treasure map (yeah..kinda proud of this one too)!  :D  The "X" marked the spot!
 Boats for each participant! Points 1-12, 1 for farthest away, 12 for closest!
Silvermist's Water Bulls Eye
We had three soaking sponges for the kids to throw at the bulls eye.  Points were the number of points they got within those three throws.
Vidia's Sack Race We separated the kids in twos.  The first to cross in each group were given 2 points, the last to finish was given 1.  (I originally planned to do multiple races to give points 1-12, but we didn't have enough time).
Rosetta's Garden Toss
Tissue paper and wooden dowels is all you need to make flowers!
 I used two glow-in-the-dark necklaces put together to create a ring large enough to toss around the flowers.  The kids each got three turns to throw and their points were the number of flowers they "ringed!"
 Periwinkle's Ice Sucker (we didn't actually get to this game because of time issues..we had a sweet little boy who was nervous to leave his mom so we got started 20 minutes later than expected.  It was so great to have him stay and get into the party though.)  I froze small ice cubes on lollipop sticks for the kids to suck on to see who could melt it the quickest.  My kids and I played this was fun!
I made these cupcakes with Tinkerbell's shoes...
I set them in these wrappers so they looked like flowers.
 Two newly, beautiful, six year olds and their gifts from their friends!!

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