Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No resolutions?



Those words are always heard this month!  This year I've decided to do away with the resolutions!  That doesn't mean I'm just going to keep floating about life the way I have been, but I don't like the term "resolution" and I think they just get thrown to the wayside too often, and too quickly.  I will still have goals and specific things I want to better myself in..but this year..I've decided to have a theme. 

Don't get me wrong~I have major fears, like creepy crawling "s bugs" as we call them around here, and the huge fear of falling from large heights..those..those I know won't go away!  But no fear in life.

NO FEAR of smiling and being confident in who I am, even though I'm still working on my body. Over the past few years, I've gained weight and as a result, I crawled into a shell.  I'm not as outgoing as I used to be.  As I really am.  I subconsciously do it at times, but I end up catching myself and bringing it back in. I can't have the fear of being outgoing and social again.

NO FEAR of being a "mean mom" and sticking to my guns when I give the kids a consequence ( fear of taking a second before handing one out in order to not spout off some crazy nonsense)!!  I have moments of "stick-to-it-iv-ness" but not every time when I need to be!  

NO FEAR of holding my tongue when a snarky comment wants to just throw itself out.  I have pretty witty comments that just want to fly out of my mouth without even thinking about it.  I catch myself a few times but not enough!

NO FEAR of "letting my kids win" when I stop myself from yelling at them.  I often get loud without thinking about it.  Other times my sane me says, "you know you shouldn't be yelling!  Stop it right now!!"  While my insane me says, "Whatever, then your kids will win!  They got you to stop!  Don't stop, let 'em have it!"  I need to let my kids win in that situation.  In that case, we all win.

NO FEAR of reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover (for the first time ever..shhhh)! I have read really far at times and even read all parts at one point in my life or another.  I have not read it from front to back in consecutive readings.  I need to!

NO FEAR of gut-wrenching laughter.  I am a loud laugher.  I can be heard for miles I'm sure.  Some people hate it.  But I love it.  That's part of me.  I don't do that often AT ALL anymore!  When I do, I realize how much I miss it.  So does my husband.  

NO FEAR of continuing my exercise even though I often let my disappointment with my performance not being like it used to be.  I get into a pretty good groove..then it happens..every single time.  I realize my performance isn't good.  I'm not running as fast or I'm not lasting as long or I'm REEEEEEALLY tired.  Not like before.  Not like when I was in shape.  Those frustrations get to me.  Instead of letting them push me, I run from them.  They wear me down.  I can't let that happen anymore.

NO FEAR of really delving in and learning more about my gospel.  There are so many videos, articles, talks, messages, etc. available to us from our leaders.  I read them, but not often enough.  I need to really get in there and be uplifted by them on a daily basis.  

NO FEAR of wearing makeup and doing myself up when I want to.  And NO FEAR of not doing those things!  I've never been good at makeup and hair.  I'm not one that has to be done up in order to leave the house or have someone over.  But, I am no longer going to be embarrassed when I want to look all perty up in here! ;)  I also won't be too afraid to run to the store in my workout clothes or to be in my PJ's when someone stops by.  Some days I will be dressed up and some days it just won't happen.  Oh well!  

NO FEAR of trying new things.  I am not a crazy adventurous person, though honestly, I really wish I was!  I do not ride roller coasters, water slides, or anything likewise where I would be going seriously fast on a falling motion!  No thank you!  I do not even do things like sledding or 4-wheeling without a large amount of anxiety beforehand.  Even though I love them, I freak a lot before!  I do not try a lot of new foods.  I talk myself out of them.  I think you get the drift!  BUT~no more!  I will try things (within a limit..I don't be bungee jumping or eating chocolate covered grasshoppers any time soon...or ever)!  So far I've already jumped in and gone sledding for days with the kids without letting myself sit back and stress over it before getting in there.  I've also tried a new dish at a restaurant..with shrimp..which is not a favorite..but it was good.  

I could add more specific things on this no fear list, but I think I've made my point.  There are so many small, daily things that can often hold us back.  They do me.  I'm not going to let them anymore.  I will not be afraid!  Jump in with me!  What fear do you want to overcome this year?  

Have a happy day~Kasey

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