Monday, January 19, 2015

FHE for Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of my absolute favorite people from history!  I have imagined myself on marches with him and at the Lincoln Memorial listening to his famous speech.  I love learning new things about him and if I could have lunch with someone from the past, he would be it!  I have to add, as my children were studying historical figures for school last semester, I was so proud that Gage also found a special place in his heart for Dr. King!  
To celebrate the day, I created a family home evening to learn about and celebrate him.  

I created cards with information on them.  I numbered them on the back and placed them face down on the floor.  The kids each took turns picking them up in order and reading them to everyone.  Most of these caused the kids to ask questions or state their opinion on the matter.  It was really great! 

After we did that, we grabbed our treat, tonight it was ice cream, and we ate it while we listened to the "I have a dream speech."  

It was a simple way to remember all that he has done for our nation and it was such a conversation-starting topic with the kids. 

The document for the information cards is just a free click away~right HERE!

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