Thursday, January 29, 2015

Heavenly Father's Road Map~Baptism Prep series

Last summer we were able to go on a road trip that was over 10 hours long.  With this lesson, I was able to use that to our advantage!  We talked about how long the trip was.  How did we know where to go?

"Heavenly Father"
"Street signs"

Man I'm glad they were paying attention! ;)  I explained that a trip, or a journey is anytime between going from one point to another.  I asked where we came from, "Heaven," and where we are going, "back to Heavenly Father."  Therefore, that means our life here on earth is a journey.  How do we know where to go?  What does Heavenly Father give us to guide us back home? 


All true!  Those things are our road signs back to Heaven.  I explained that there are things on this earth that we HAVE to do in order to make it back.  When we turn eight, we accomplish the first two.  Baptism and the Holy Ghost.  

To prepare for this lesson, I created fill-in-the-blank road signs with scripture references.  I printed them and wrote numbers on the backside so we could pick them in order.  Each kid took a turn picking a road sign, looking up the scripture, and reading it.  After each were done, we filled in the blanks.  Then after each one, I'd say, "so, step 1 is? step 2 is?" and so forth, just to help put it in their memories even more.  Filling in the blanks and repeating the steps multiple times really helped with their comprehension of what was going on.  

Although they aren't old enough to accomplish the other three yet, they are responsible for preparing to do so now.  The girls can't receive the priesthood, but they have a responsibility to honor it.  Baptism opens the gates for all other things to be accomplished!  

Have a happy day~Kasey

Download the free scripture road signs HERE!  

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