Friday, February 7, 2014

Hippie Loaf

I am not against vegetarian meals.  We often go without meat in our meals..but we don't do a lot of Vegan because we use milk and cheese.  I came across this Hippie Loaf and wanted to try it.  I followed this recipe exactly..except that I did not mince my carrots and I used soy sauce instead of tamari.  I didn't get a picture...but this one was a pretty big bust!!!  My husband ate it, but hated it.  All of my kids except one hated it...two sat for an hour just to eat a few bites, two ate it but hated it, and one ate two pieces.  I, myself, didn't hate it, and even ate the leftovers the next day.  But it was SO different!!!  My husband likes to tell everyone we ate, "veggie meatloaf" and everyone loves to point out that it is pretty ironic!!  :D  If you like beans and quinoa, and are into the vegetarian thing~you will probably love it.  If you don't~you won't!!! :D  

Have a happy day~Kasey

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